What We Do

Property Acquisition and Estate Development

The Nigerian real estate market is open for business, with a housing deficit of 16 million units, a rapidly urbanizing population, a growing middle class and an affinity to housing as an important and essential aspect of urban living, Our business is to look for land in growing communities through strong research, adequate preparation and innovative deployments of resources to establish affordable habitable estates making sure our customers stands to reap the most returns in cost and security.

Real Estate Brokerage

Investors in real estate in Nigeria stands to reap tremendous financial returns whether they are buying, renting or selling lands or houses or any other properties.

We broker real estate transactions; this is, finding sellers for those who want to buy properties and finding buyers for those trying to sell properties securely and profitable at the best possible price under the best possible terms.

Land Survey Services

With our experienced team of surveyors using the very latest equipment, We offer a wide range of highly detailed and accurate survey services including simple land boundaries and topography land survey .Our highly experienced Surveyors have worked on thousands of land surveys over the years from simple Land boundary surveys to highly detailed surveys

Property Management

Bionet Homes Property Management division focus our efforts on optimizing the value of our client ‘s assets in a cost -effective way, while achieving optimal returns on investment for our customer and reducing expenditures. Bionet Homes’s property management department provides a full spectrum of management services aimed at owners of all types of commercial and residential property. Our services include negotiation, letting and renewal of leases/tenancies,Service charge administration, Lease documentation and administration etc.