Let’s face it, the first thing that comes to mind for an average “Lagosian” when it comes to property cost is the regular huge outright payments which have become a big barrier.

It becomes even harder when you remember children’s school fees, rent, family & friends etc. We know you wish you too can own that plot in a fast developing community and be proud to be called “Landlord” – but each time, the thought of huge deposit or payment kills your dream.

Don’t worry, at Bionet Homes, we are behind every dream and we have just the right solution for you.

This solution is called BionetFlexi Plus!

BionetFlexi Plus is a real estate solution based product of Bionet Homes Ltd. It is specially designed for individuals who are very eager & willing to make profitable real estate investment over a longer period of time but have little capital to start as everyone deserves to own a piece of land in Lagos.

With BionetFlexi Plus, everyone now have the opportunity to become a landlord in Lagos with as little as ₦8,000 weekly or ₦31,500 monthly! It eliminates every huddle of huge monthly installments by providing easy flexible payments that will get you started immediately and it’s very pocket friendly.

Say bye-bye to huge monthly installments that may cause you to default and rob you of your monthly financial convenience…

BionetFlexi Plus is open to investors for both Castle Hills and Lush Garden at varying installment periods. Lush Garden has a maximum installment tenor of 50 months while Castle Hills is capped at 56 months maximum. Each full plot in Lush Garden or Castle Hills is measured at 600sqm for a full plot.

Below table shows a detailed payment plan and price package depending on various tenors of choice.

A Lush Gardens

Tenor Size Initial Deposit Monthly Payment Total Amount
25 Months 600 280,000 125,000 3,280,000
35 Months 600 230,000 89,706 3,280,000
40 Months 600 185,000 79,360 3,280,000
50 Months 600 130,000 64,286 3,280,000

B Castle Hills

Tenor Size Initial Deposit Monthly Payment Total Amount
25 Months 600 100,000 70,000 1,780,000
35 Months 600 80,000 50,000 1,780,000
40 Months 600 73,750 45,750 1,780,000
56 Months 600 61,500 31,500 1,780,000

Save up to N200k on outright Payment when you purchase Castle Hills Villa (Real Price: N1.2m/plot. Promo price:N1.0 M).
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Save as much as N300k on outright Payment when you purchase Lush Garden Estate (Real Price: N2.5m/plot. Promo price: N 2.2M).
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