The significance of real estate in this present day cannot be overemphasized. Due to the growing demand for land as a result of increasing population of Lagosians yearly, land is almost at the brink of exhaustion in Lagos.

There are 3 reasons people buy real estate;

  1. For Investment purpose / Resell
  2. For Development / Shelter
  3. For an Inheritance

We understand that either you are buying to build shelter or reserving for an inheritance, it still comes down to an Investment. Did you miss V.I, Lekki Phase 1 or VGC when they were selling at affordable prices? Don’t worry; we got just the right product that will ensure you too can achieve your dreams.

What if an investment of ₦25k could get you a piece of land and make you a Landlord instantly in Ibejulekki would you take the chance…?

Yes, with just ₦25k monthly or ₦6,250 weekly you are guaranteed a Landlord status with Bionet Flexi. It’s so convenient that you don’t have to break the bank for it and it doesn’t affect other personal monthly commitments.

This product is specific for subscribers to our Castle Hills Estate ONLY looking to grow their money geometrically in a long term investment opportunity that would yield good returns over time in a secured environment. Each plot is measured at 300sqm which can either be resold at a much later time at good returns or developed to conveniently sit a 4bedroom apartment with ample space.

The product is designed for low income earners who are desirous of securing a land in Lagos. We offer you Bionet Flexi for 300sqm in Ibejulekk at ₦25k monthly installment over a maximum period of 28month. What more could anyone ask for?

Available installment packages are shown below:

Tenor Size Initial Deposit Monthly Payment Total Amount
3 Months 300 210,000 200,000 610,000
6 Months 300 110,000 100,000 610,000
12 Months 300 64,167 54,167 660,000
24 Months 300 39,167 29,167 710,000
28 Month 300 35,000 25,000 710,000

Save up to N200k on outright Payment when you purchase Castle Hills Villa (Real Price: N1.2m/plot. Promo price:N1.0 M).
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Save as much as N300k on outright Payment when you purchase Lush Garden Estate (Real Price: N2.5m/plot. Promo price: N 2.2M).
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